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Genesis 44 Priminar 10,5x44
Genesis 44 Priminar 10,5x44
Genesis 44 Priminar 10,5x44_2

Price: 1289

Genesis44 Prominar 10,5 x 44  High refractive index prism


The Genesis series incorporates Kowa's "PROMINAR" lenses. To attain the higest pinnacle of binocular performance, a total of 4 XD lenses (2 sets of 2 lenses) are utilized in the objective end of the binoculars. This significantly reduces chromatic aberation and provides high contrast in the field of view. 


The prism system of the genesis/XD44 delivers a wide field of view and edge sharpness with minimal loss of light. This high refractive roof prism (Bak4 + SK15) offers near total reflectance and when combined with Kowa's proprietary C3 coating, delivers the clearest and sharpest image.


Other features: Magnesium alloy body, Diopter locking mechanism, Waterproof structure filled with dry nitrogen gas


Brand: Kowa

Code: 396511