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Super telephoto lens/scope "Master-lens" (TP556ML)
Super telephoto lens/scope "Master-lens" (TP556ML)
Super telephoto lens/scope "Master-lens" (TP556ML)_2

Price: 2499

Super telephoto lens/scope "Master-lens" (TP556ML)

A unique and innovative product designed to meet the huge challenges associated with telephoto photography.

A truly compact, flexible and ultra portable telephoto lens/spotting scope system that does not compromise on optical quality.

As with all Kowa optics, the telephoto lens/scope delivers simply stunning images made possible by a pure fluorite crystal lens and two XD extra low dispersion lenses producing the highest levels of sharpness and contrast.

Enhanced dust and weatherproofing ensures guaranteed performance in the toughest of environments.


Brand: Kowa

Code: 156188